Saas in a Box

About Us

Saas In A Box is a software company focused on extending the value of cloud-based business applications, specifically Oracle NetSuite.

We have been developing cloud software and solutions since 2001 and have worked extensively with NetSuite integrations for both small and large companies. Based in the US and Australia, we are committed to supporting customers and partners globally.

Our Services

Consultancy / Implementations / Development

As we have nearly 20 years in working with, developing for and implementing Oracle Netsuite we know the tricks of the game and can save you time, money and headaches by providing our experience and years of learning to your situation.


We can provide everything from a one-of consultation to run past your problem or idea and add our years of experience which will most likely add thoughts / ideas into your solution that you may not have thought of yourself. Right up to continuous guidance or checkpoints for the life of your project.


We have been involved in many different types of Oracle Netsuite Implementations and are able to do everything from assisting the implementation planning, to providing guidance & feedback throughout an implementation right up to project planning & managing the complete implementation and post-implementation phases.


Development is our prime role, if you find that the Oracle Netsuite out of the box solutions don’t work perfectly for you and you need some specialised development done to suit your special business workflow circumstances and you don’t want to be hit with exorbitant development costs then SaaS In A Box is your answer.

A ready made product for ALL CLIENTS

Over our nearly 20 years working in developing for and implementing Oracle Netsuite we have found a common need from nearly all our clients that is required across all business verticals, and that is much more clever and automated communications. So we developed an advanced product to do just that.


Notifications for Netsuite provides the capability to automate your communications for more efficient, more profitable business operations. In short automatically ensuring the Right Message, gets to the Right Recipient(s), from the Right Sender(s) at the Right Time(s).

Solution Overview

Notifications for NetSuite enhances and builds upon NetSuite’s standard notifications functionality, making it easy to designate the recipients of various event-based and scheduled notifications, such as sales order approval, shipments, new invoices, reminders and any other message imaginable.

Key Features

  • Easily define individual notification types.
  • Simple targeting – designate which contact(s) should receive or be excluded from which message.
  • Designated time-of-day (and time zone) for sending pending notifications.
  • Specify CC and BCC lists, and optionally CC the relevant Sales Rep.
  • Includes a powerful Notification Schedule record to easily specify the interval between each execution of schedule-based notifications, including ‘smart’ intervals.
  • Create notifications based on almost any NetSuite standard or custom record.
  • Create your own logic on which to trigger event-based notifications, or allow us to help you do so. In this way, notifications can be triggered based on any combination of body or sub-list fields of a record or transaction.
  • Fully OneWorld compatible. Notification types can be specific to a single subsidiary, or applied to a subsidiary and all of its child subsidiaries.